Kristen Gilbert holds a Masters in Occupational Therapy and has been working in the mental health sector for over 5 years. She is a passionate advocate for her clients and works to dismantle the stigma against mental health challenges that pervades our society.  Kristen is currently conducting qualitative research on the impact that the music industry and touring has on professional DJ’s mental health. Her goal is to increase awareness of the potential mental health pitfalls of the music industry as well as support artists and industry professionals on their wellness journey.  She is in a unique position to facilitate these discussions as she is also a DJ and producer, and performs regularly on Vancouver Island. Her 2019 single “Sangoma” charted at #22 on Traxsource’s Afro house charts.

Kristen is also a member of the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM), an international nonprofit organization working to advocate for mental health supports in the dance music industry.  She has facilitated mental health panels at festivals and conferences, including Basscoast Festival, Woodstove Festival, Atmosphere Gathering and AEMCON (Alberta Electronic Music Conference).

Kristen is currently writing a chapter in an upcoming book about touring and mental health, which is scheduled to be published in the UK in early 2020.

Kristen co-owns The Doghouse Yoga studio in Courtenay, BC and has supported people on their wellness journey through yoga, meditation and spiritual work for over 20 years.  She is committed to her personal path of growth and is honoured to support others in tapping in to their own wellspring of healing.